Keynote Speakers

Professor Cian Duffy (Lund University/Sweden)

Cian Duffy is professor and chair of English literature at Lund University (Sweden) and ekstern lektor in English literature at Copenhagen.  He has published books, articles, and editions, dealing with various aspects of the intellectual life and cultural history of Britain and Europe during the late eighteenth century and ‘Romantic’ period.  He is a member of the board of the John Andren Foundation, of the Olof Sager Foundation, and of the Nordic Association for Romantic Studies. He is one of the editors of Romantik: Journal for the Study of Romanticisms.



Professor Gerald Maclean (University of Exeter/UK)

Gerald MacLean is currently Professor of English Literature at the University of Exeter (UK), founder and co-director of Exeter Turkish Studies, a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society and of the Royal Historical Society of London.  He first visited Istanbul in 1975 and has returned to Turkey many times since, including a period as visiting professor at Boğazici University in 2001.

A scholar of early-modern English literature and its historical contexts, since 1993 he has devoted his research research to the many works published in English during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries describing the Ottoman Empire and charting the nature and range of East-West encounters during the early modern period.  His book, The Rise of Oriental Travel: English Visitors to the Ottoman Empire, 1580-1720 (2004) was published in Turkish as Doğu’ya Yolculuğun Yükselişi: Osmanlı İmparatorluğun İngiliz Konukları (1580-1720) (2006).


Professor Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki/Finland)

Fred Dervin is Professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Dervin also holds several professorships in Australia, Canada, China, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Sweden. In May 2014 he was appointed Distinguished Professor at Baoji University of Arts and Sciences (China). Prof. Dervin specializes in intercultural education, the sociology of multiculturalism and student and academic mobility. Dervin has widely published in international journals on identity, the ‘intercultural’ and mobility/migration. He has published over 40 books: Politics of Interculturality (co-edited with Anne Lavanchy and Anahy Gajardo, Newcastle: CSP, 2011), Impostures Interculturelles (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2012), Linguistics for Intercultural Education (co-edited with Tony Liddicoat, New York: Benjamins, 2013) and Chinese Educational Migration and Student-Teacher Mobilities (Ed, Palgrave, 2015). He is the series editor of Education beyond borders (Peter Lang), Nordic Studies on Diversity in Education(with Kulbrandstad and Ragnarsdóttir; CSP) and Post-intercultural communication and education (CSP). He is the editor-in-chief with Machart and Byrd-Clark of the International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education.